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Here comes now the new version of our game SmashBack for Android- and Iphones / Tablets - programmed in Macromedia FLASH 10 years ago.

NOW available in Google PlayStore and soon also on Itunes.

smashback android
Play the game online with the UNITY web player. Press F for 'fire' to start the ball - and ESC to play again.
The game is then self-explaining. Note that this is actually the layout and instructions on 1st screen for phone/tablet users - just to play by mouse
instead of over 'touch pad'. On phone it works better so far.

WATCH the demo video

Who can beat the highscore ? Currently (01-2016) at 1340 points ;) Later we'll have online highscores (again).
The game was invented 2004 by subwave Internet (D.Schulthess, actionscript programmer was Yan Graf) and very successful on the internet, played by 1000s of gamers daily. HERE you find still the old Flash version (manipulated, without Logo and Highscores)
We wanted to make a simple (as Tetris or Arkanoid) but addictive game.
Soon the game was 'hacked' (although never commercial) - database results hacked, game decompiled (easy to do) and spread on the net in hundreds of gaming platforms without any info about us, the authors. Until now you can find these unauthorized versions, but often no more working with todays Flash players.


2015/16 by :: subwave.com Internet, Basel Switzerland

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